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Lac Solace swims

Lac Solace is for a maximum of 3 anglers fishing 3 rods.


There are 6 swims, The Middle, Walnut Whip, Old Jetty, Wallaces, DD's and Inflow/


These swims are spread around the lake and allow anglers to split up if preferred and fish at closer range, each swim giving you access to your own feature packed peice of water.


The Middle

The Middle is the 1st swim on the meadow bank and looks across the narrower end of the lake, facing inflow. The swim gives you access to short range weedbeds, open water and cabin corner.



Infow is at the end of the meadow bank. It is a shallow corner, gravelly and in the warmer months very weedy. it is an intimate swim that requires stealth. There is also the inflow pipe feeding this corne.



DD's is the newest swi on the lake and is the 1st swim on the back bank. It gives perfect access to the back of the summer weed, both margins to your left and right the bar and open water.



Wallace's is in the far corner of the back bank, the oposite corner to Inflowand faces all the wayup to Cabin Corner. It covers the deeper, siltier area of the lakeand gets the SW wind. It also gives you access to margins on your left and right.


Old Jetty

Old Jetty has an uncanny track record for producing the lakes biggest residents, especially in autumn, as it gives you a great line angle into the deeper siltier area of the lake. The margin to the left is also probably the most underfished area of the lake. In the summer you also have the weed and fountai to you're right in cabin corner,


Walnut Whip

Walnut Whip is a great swim if there are 1 or 2 anglers fishingand you are well spread out. It gives perfect access to the weed, fountain and open water. The swim is also just yards from the cabin, toilet and BBQ.

Lac Solace swim map.jpg
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