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Welcome to Lac Solace

Lac Solace is a stunning, intimate and very natural lake in the Maine Et Loire region of France, in the south of the Loire valley.

When we first saw this pretty little pit in the summer of 2018 we instantly knew we had found a gem. Virtually untouched, the lake was already in brilliant condition, great clarity, oxygen, weed, an incredible amount of natural food and clearly a large head of all sorts of fish from carp to Bass.

For us carp fishing is about a lot more than the end result, or pounds and ounces. It is about the atmosphere at the lake, the wildlife, the quality of the carp, the social with your mates and of course the overall experiance through your stay, the carp should be the cherry on the top, and Lac Solace has some very special cherries!

Over the next 18 months we cleared many of the little wildies, pike and silvers. Built natural swims and rennovated the anglers lodge. As well as of course adding a very special stock of fish. Every one handpicked for its looks and potential, we just knew that if we stocked quality fish at the right numbers that these carp would thrive, and that is exactly what happened!

Lac Solace now boasts a stock of around 50 known carp in a fraction under 3 acres,  with an average weight of 40lbs, with those upper doubles we stocked in 2019 already reacching mid 40's. There are 5 or 6 good 50's and 25 or so very fast growing, scaly 30's.

Although there are plenty of hungry fast growing carp in the lake, dont be fooled into thinking its easy. With an average depth of 5ft, light weed, grass fringed margins and numerous overhangs, the Solace carp dont need anglers bait, so when the lake is disturbed, often they will revert to the huge clouds of Daphnia, snails, fry, shrimp and bugs that they love so much. So stealth, and sometimes thinking outside of the box can prove very rewarding!

Please enjoy our website, and if there is any more information we can provide, contact us using the form below.

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