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Lac Solace, our rules.


The most important rule of all is respect, respect your surroundings, the fish, the lake, us and the facilities.


  • Yellow/Red card rule. If you are deemed to have broken any of the below rules we will issue you with a yellow or red card, 2 yellow cards = red. 

  • Departing guests must leave the site no later than 10am and new arrivals are asked not to arrive before 1pm 

  • 3 rods only all year 

  • Unless totally necessary shelters, bivvies etc should not be set up on the grass, keep within the chipped swim to save the grass 

  • If adverse conditions dictate that the site/tracks are saturated it may not allow access to the swims via car. If this occurs Nic will help transport your tackle to swim 

  • Under no circumstances leave litter in and around your swims. Bin bags are provided and there is an ashtray in every swim. (Please leave bin bags by gate) 

  • No glass on site (Jars etc are an exception)

  • Do not do what bears do in the woods anywhere other than our onsite toilet

  • Gas cookers and BBQs not to be left unatended under any circumstances

  • Please leave all facilities as you found them, breakages must be reported and paid for 

  • Dogs allowed (by prior agreement) on exclusive lake bookings only. All mess to be cleared. 

  • No disposable BBQ’s to be placed on grass 

  • No open fires, they are illegal in our area 

  • The onsite boat can be used for baiting up and rig placement. It is used 100% at your own risk & Lac Solace takes no responsibility for injury or damage. You must bring your own life jackets. 

  • Safe use of bait boats is allowed 


Fish Safety and Care 

  • We provide each angler with landing net, unhooking mat, weigh/retention slings. These MUST be used. 

  • Do not bring any mats, nets or retainers onsite 

  • Mats and retainers to be left hung up as found

  • Fish to be left to recover for 5 minutes in net before photos and 5 minutes after in retainer 

  • Fish not to be lifted from water in net, break the net down and slide into the retention sling, make sure fins are flat and lift to unhooking mat 

  • Fish should be out of the water for as short a time as possible, have everything organized 

  • Retention slings must not be used for more than 15 minutes.  

  • Please call Nic anytime day and night if you land any fish over 50lbs 

  • Ensure all weighing and landing equipment is thoroughly wetted before removing the fish from the water 

  • Be aware that buckets of water and mats will get very hot in sunlight

  • Please ensure the Steri7 and Orahesive fish care provided is used on any wounds and hook holds 

  • If you crack off, have to pull for a break or snap off on a fish then you must tell Nic 

  • If you have a fish that you are not confident handling then just call Nic, he will happily come down and do your photography with you anytime day or night. 

  • All fish over 45lbs must only be photographed in the water. 



  • 15lbs breaking strain mainline minimum 

  • No fixed leads, leads must be able to detach easily using leadclips, Drop of inlines or Helicopter C-Clips

  • When using a leadclip the tail rubber must only be pushed on lightly 

  • No fixed hooklinks on helicopter set ups they must be able to detach easily from leader 

  • No barbless hooks. Micro or barbed only (Atomic hooks available on-site) 

  • Leaders to be attached via knot only, beads and swivels must be able to pass over the knot easily 

  • No Leadcore or any wire cored leaders

  • Tubing, flurocarbon leaders, Leadless, Sunksten & Diffusion Camo type leaders are ok (Atomic Sunksten leaders available on-site) 

  • Rig checks will be carried out at any time during your trip.  



  • maximum of 5kg of preserved boilie per angler(no liit on fresh) 

  • A maximum of 1 jar of prepared tigers per week per angler 

  • No other nuts allowed 

  • 4 pints of maggots per person per week maximum 

  • Only particle purchased on-site or from reputable brands can be used. 

  • Only the 5kg of your own pellet can be used, all other pellet must be Lac Solace feed pellet

  • Plastic/rubber/artificial Baits are not allowed on Lac Solace

  • The Goo is not allowed on Lac Solace



Treat Lac Solace, its surroundings and its fish with respect. This is a natural and tranquil fishery. Fish responsibly and well and you will have a brilliant trip. 


If you break any of the above rules or are issued a red card then we reserve the right to terminate your trip without any notice, compensation or refund. 

Click HERE for website and bookings terms and conditions.

Some of the carp featured on this page are examples of actual fish from our fish farmer.

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