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Lac du Coron is a stunning spring fed 4.5 acre carp lake for 4 anglers nestled in lush countryside just south of the Loire Valley.


Surrounded by vin yards and farmland we are still only 5 minutes from towns, supermarkets, tabac's and bakers.

We have worked hard to keep Lac du Coron as natural as possible with natural swims and dense woodland.


We have also extended the lake and reinforced the banks in order to give you loads of room, comfort and features to fish too.

Lac Du Coron has been stocked with a selection of handpicked carp from Holland and 3 diferent French fish farms.


My plan for the stock is and always will be that our carp are unique, that they arn't just pale silt pigs. That means that the look and quality of the fish attracts me to them, not just their size. Of course we have some big carp with many 30, 40's and 2 50's, but we are proud to say that they are scaly stunners too!


I understand that there are many lakes in France with much bigger carp and higher average weights, but I also know there are a lot of you that cherish the same values in your fishing that I do; quality looking unique fish that are well rested, naturally fed and all in great condition. Plus mature, natural swims and enviroment.


A stunner is a stunner, however big it is!


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