Our bait launched the company and got us talked about. It has come from years of being involved in the carp fishing industry, even more years fishing and more recently after owning my own fisheries.

This unrivalled access to lakes, carp and anglers has given me a rare insight. Being able to watch big carp behaviour, throughout the year, the way they feed, the way people fish and what carp chose to feed on has allowed me to develop a very small range of incredibly high quality boilie, pop ups, wafters and liquids that focuses heavily on natural attraction through active, soluble, natural ingredients, over 3 years of testing have out fished everything else we have fished it alongside.

We don't produce thousands of tons a year, we don’t advertise and we don't make bold claims. Those that use King products use them because they know their quality and have had huge success since using them both in France and the UK.

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Some of the carp featured on this page are examples of actual fish from our fish farmer.

Nic & Sharon Brown




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