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Our bait launched the company and got us talked about. It has come from years of being involved in the carp fishing industry, even more years fishing and more recently after owning my own fisheries.

This unrivalled access to lakes, carp and anglers has given me a rare insight. Being able to watch big carp behaviour, throughout the year, the way they feed, the way people fish and what carp chose to feed on has allowed me to develop a very small range of incredibly high quality boilie, pop ups, wafters and liquids that focuses heavily on natural attraction through active, soluble, natural ingredients, over 3 years of testing have out fished everything else we have fished it alongside.


We specialise in premium boilies and unique specialist hookbaits.

We don't produce thousands of tons a year, we don’t advertise and we don't make bold claims. Those that use King products use them because they know their quality and have had huge success since using them both in France and the UK.

For more information contact Nic via the website or email here

Our Baits

The FKG is an incredibly high quality fishmeal and yeast blend, a true high protien HNV boilie. Loaded with LT94,  Mussel Meal, Squid, fermented garlic and a complex mix of Aminos and minerals. Full of pure fermented squid liquid, liquid liver, organic garlic oil and more, and all rounded off with a subtle plum flavor.

The make up of the base mix and liquids ensure these baits are instantly active once submerged. As the water soluble skin starts to breakdown it leaks off incredible attraction through the water column and into the lake bed meaning that long after the bait is gone there i still attraction all over the area.

After 2 years of testing on waters across France this bait has blown everythig out of the water, the results have been staggering. A bait we are seriously proud of!

Available in 18mm salt cured

Pro Milk is the highest quality milk protein boilie we could make. A creamy, sweet bait loaded with powdered and liquid attractors that bring sweet and nutty aromas.


The attractor package to compliment this top quality base mix is awsome. Talin, 365 Amino compound, Aminol, Hemp Oil and Wheatgerm Essential oil rounded off with the very best Scopex on the market make this bait smell as good as it catches carp! This unique blend makes this bait a true all year round bait. Easily digestable in the coldest water, visual and able to leak attractors 12 months a year.

Pro Liver GLM is a bait we are very excited about. The attraction and benefit of liver products is well documented and has been Nic's favourite attractor for over 20 years. As products have moved on the classic liver combinations have been forgotten, but as testing has already shown, they shouldn't have been!

This bait is a real throw back with a real modern edge, loaded with liquid and powdered liver, GLM, Minimino, feed stimulants, vitamins, black pepper essential oil and a complex list of Aminos and spices. The Pro Liver base mix is a fishmeal, wheatgerm and meatmeal blend designed exclusively by us. This base mix is very special and it's attractor profile is enough to catch a huge amount of carp on its own 12 months of the year. The liquid package is the cherry on the cake, and makes the Pro Liver GLM a very special bait.

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