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A great start to a special lake and new lake record!

We have venue regulars, Matt, Dan and Adam at Lac Du Coron this week. I had spoken to them many times over the last 12 months about Lac Solace. Pictures of the lake and sneak peeks at some of the lakes residence. So when I offered the lads a chance to fish Solace for 24 hours they jumped at the .

After exploring the lake as quickly as possible they dotted themselves around and we all settled down for a chilled evening and hopefully some carp.

Not long after, Matt, fishing the deeper corner had a solid take and after a mega battle slipped the net under one of our stockies. Like all the Solace fish it was well up in weight and looking great.

After an electric night with a nearly full moon a chunks boshing all around us we all spent a night perched on the edge of the bedchairs willing it to happen. Some how I managed to loose a fish in the night and land a littlen for the keepnet.

It was about 6.30 when I noticed Matt up and about so Mac and I wandered over for a tea. Only minutes later the Right Hand rod pulled up tight and Matt was instantly met with incredible power and weight. After a serious battle I bundled a pretty big mirror over the chord.

Matt put his waders on, bit the line and jumped in the edge with the retainer to pass the fish up to Dan and I.

I grabbed my camera and clicked away in an attempt to capture a special moment for Matt, his mates, me and the lake, at over 50lbs it looked awesome, and to think there are 3 or 4 bigger than this one is probably why they are still there!

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