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A look at some stunners caught over the last few weeks.

Lac Solace does not open until March next season, but over the course of this year fiends and Lac Du Coron regulars have had the chance to test fish Lac Solace for me and the results every time have been exceptional.

The week before Huw and Holly arrived Matt kindly helped me with work on the new toilet and shower block. After a busy and sweaty afternoon and a visit from Matts family we got the rods out at about 7.30. An hour or two later Matts middle rod steamed off and as the water errupted we knew it was a good fish. At 41lbs it was a great start. The following afternoon Matt flicked 2 rods out to the area he baited that morning before work and as he was half way through fitting a roof sheet when the rod busted off and the water above the spot rocked and boiled. After another huge scrap our friend the Gerbil went into the net, and a new PB at 54lbs for Matt, not a bad afternoons work at all.

On Sunday Huw and Holly arrived for a social visit and a bit of fishing, a thank you to him after all of his work over the last few winters.

On Sunday afternoon Huw had his first bite, a cracking little 20lbs mirror that hadn't seen the bank before. It is great to see our handful of younger stockies looking so great.

The following day was hot and still and although activiy could be seen the fishing was hard. It was the first time that Lac Solace had been fished for more than 14 hours at a time, so leading qbout, wading, baiting etc seemed to move the fish off the pressure a bit. So much so that on Monday afternoon Huw had a wade about in the far corrner of the lake where he found a deeper feeding area. he put a marker pole either side of the spot and put a bit of bait around the area with the thought of fishing it the following day. When I arrived early the next morning to say hello Huw was perched behind a bush in the far corner. It turns out that there was so much activity earlier that morning that both marker poles had actually been dug up and there were bubblers everywhere!

That day Holly managed another of our sstockies and Huw managed a pretty little original mirror that also would have never been caught.

The following day Huw and Holly went to Bioparc - Zoo de Doue La Fontaine and we all spent the evening having a drink.

When Huw got back to the lake he slightly changed his plan of attack. Slightly bigger bottom baits on stiff D rigs and more accurate baiting.

The results came quickly and Huw was rewarded with the one he really wanted in the shape of the Gerbil who looked his usual gnarly self! The following afternoon it paid of in an even bigger way with his second PB in as many days in the shapf this awsome bruiser of a mirror.

We celebrated his PB with a big take away and a few beers and just as we finished our last slice of pizza Huws rod screamed off again, this time it wasnt huge, but at 25lbs it was a cracking way to end his trip. The following morning Huw packed his gear and they made their way home very happy.

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