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A 'tail' of two halves

After preparing and serving a great big cottage pie followed by chocolate cake to the lads at Lac Du Coron I quickly washed up, said my goodbyes and good lucks and shot over to Lac Solace for an over nighter.

It's fair to say that the evening did not get off to a great start. The boat had blown across the lake, I dropped a bobbin off the jetty into 5ft of water, got a huge birds nest, frapped up up two casts and then stuck one 20ft up a tree. It didn't get any better when at 2am the Right hander on the edge of a weedbed ticked off and after a short heavy scrap amongst the weed it fell off. After a little tantrum I put the rod back out and set the alarm for 5.45am so I could get all 4 rods back out and fishing happy. I also put another 2kg of Kriller Garlic and a kilo of pellet tight on each rod.

An hour later the left hander fished long in the deep water steamed off and instantly you know it's heavy. After 10 minutes of knee knocking a seriously deep chunk rolled over the net and I let out a large sigh. The change of tactics and spots seemed to have payed off.

After the pics I slipped her back and started begrudgingly packing away. I knew there was another bite on the cards, but with a big pellet delivery arriving it had to be done, or did it? Luckily 5 minutes into packing away the driver text to say the delivery would be after lunch, so a quick call to Sharon and the rod was whacked back out.

Only an hour later the middle rod slowly ticked off but this time flat rodded me from the off, no mean feat at nearly 125 yards! Eventually I got it under control and another unit flopped over the chord. I bit the line and gave the fish 10 minutes in the net to recover whilst I got things sorted and pulled myself together!

As you can see, quite an impressive brace, there were also a coupleof smaller fish caught and removed, so a night that started as a real struggle ended up pretty bloody well!

After that all the rods were skipped in, stuff slung in the van and I shot off home to unload an awful lot of pellet!

Lac Solace opens for the very first time in March 2020, don't miss out. To book email me here

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