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We have had a fair few messages this week about the lake, stock, when we are opening etc Here are a few FAQ'S.

Availability for our opening season next year. We open in March 2020 and Lac Solace will only be open 20 weeks a year. All weeks for opening year are £750 for the lake, maximum 3 anglers. * 2nd May - 9th May * 13th June - 20th June (after 3 week spawning close down) * 27th June - 4th July * 25th July - 1st Aug * Oct 17th - 24th Oct

How do I book? To secure your week and to go into the diary we require a £250 deposit. The remaining balance is due no later than 10 weeks before arrival. Drop us a PM or email to book. What's in the lake? There are roughly 35 fish in the lake ranging from 25lbs to 55lbs. There are 3 known fish over 52lbs, several 40s and a number of 30s. The average weight last week was just over 35lbs. Are there any small fish? We have been removing little wildies this year and will be netting the lake in November. I expect to get almost all of the small fish out. Are there poison chat, crays or weed? There are no poison chat or crayfish. There are some lovely spring weed beds and a handful of weed beds left in the summer. How many swims are their? There is 1 double swim and 4 single swims. The Double, Inflow and Old Jetty will be woodchipped swims. Wallace's will not be. How far from Calais are we? We are 5 hours from Calais, 3 from st Malo and 2.5 from Caen. Are there any facilities? There are 2 cabins at Solace, one containing the small kitchen, a seating area and dining table. The second houses the toilet and shower. These are open 24/7 for you to use at no extra cost. There is mains electric and water. Who does Solace suit? Solace is a water for experienced, thinking Anglers. There are numerous spots and changes in lake beds to find and the fish fight very very hard. Water levels fluctuate, so you will need to wade out to net fish and photograph fish at certain times of year. I hope that answers the majority of common questions. Visit for more details and pictures.

Here are some photos from the last 2 weeks. #Solacevibe #opening2020

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