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*Find Out More About Lac Solace*

When I started building Lac Solace and LDC my overiding goal was to create a fishery I myself wanted to fish.

I was actually encouraged not do do this when I 1st told people I was moving over. Apparently I should have gone for an easy access, open water with gravel paths and electric points all over the place because that appeals to the biggest market... I'm still not sure if it does 🤔

But to be motivated to continue to put in the graft and improve I had to love the lakes, the fish, the "vibe" and the surroundings.

The thing I love about owning a fishery is there will never be a day where I can say there is nothing to do and nothing to improve.

Lac Solace is quite different to Lac du Coron, Carp fishing in France but I am already very happy with where we are and of course I have a hundred plans for next winter.

Lac Solace is a little over 2.5 acres for a maximum of 3 anglers, and is similar to a small gravel pit. We have lovely weed beds in early summer and the natural swims are dotted around the lake.

The stock for such an intimate lake is already very very impressive. With several fish to upper 50s, and they've hardly been fished for yet! All unique stunning fish, they are backed up with 12 or more good 40s, a fair few upper 30s and some stunning young, scaly stock fish.

Facilities on site include lodge with basic kitchen and sitting area plus a sepperate toilet and shower cabin. There's is mains electric and water from our bore hole.

Lac Solace is in a very rural location, 10 minutes from a small town and is accessed via a private track 300m from the lane and is surrou fed by thousands of acres of farmland.

We have availability in 2022, visit or email us at or pm Nic through this page.

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