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Opening Day Eve

Tomorrow will be another proud day for Sharon and I as we open Lac Solace to our 1st guests.

Just over a year ago we picked the keys up for Solace for the 1st time.

In the pouring rain we had a drink with the old owners before sayingour good byes and looking ahead to the work to come.

The cabin was leaking like a sive, there was no water or electric, we needed a new eco toilet, a toilet and shower cabin, of course carp needed stocking, swims needed digging and chipping and generally everything needed a good going over.

We started with phase 1 of the stocking, 10 awesome upper doubles and low 20 scalys that I had to work seriously hard to secure got the ball rolling.

Not long after I took the trailer to a small local fish farmer to secure the next phase of the stocking, these were going to be upper 20's, 30's and low 40's, a different strain altogether and fish I had great confidence in after stocking them at Lac Du Coron over the last few years.

Finally the bigger girls arrived, again from a fish farmer that I have worked with since we opened Lac Du Coron and they have done very well. These were big, stunning fish.

After those fish were in and settling into their new home it was time to start work.

Dad came over with a boot full of paint, lino, brushes and more and we set about waterproofing the roof, sealing in the windows, fixing cupboards and painting floors and walls.

During all this, freinds came for a dangle and did the odd short sessions, testing the lake and the stock.

Every step along the way the results were special, the growth rates incredible and the condition and the power of the fish was awesome. In only a few trips across the year there has already been several PB's, here's just a few of them.

After the toilet and shower block was built and toilet dug with the help of Chris and Ross I got the swims dug ready for chipping.

Next was the water, which if you have followed our page you will know how much of a nightmare that was, but eventually, with a lot of help from Matt we hit the water table!

As we came into winter things were very slowly coming together, but there was still plenty to do!

1st was to get the last few awesome carp stocked into the lake, 5 stunning commons between 30lbs and 40lbs and one 40+ breeze block of a mirror.

With the clock ticking I must admit I was calling in help from wherever possible! Matt, Dean, Ross, Helen, Dan on FaceTime have all helped Sharon and I get ready in the last few weeks.

With electric eventually connected and everything cleaned and organised I eventually locked the cabin, shut the gates behind me and put the Saturday sign up for the 1st time.

Thank you again to all that have helped us get ready, we really appreciate it.

We will have a glass of bubbles with our 1st guests tomorrow and here's to hoping they have a great week!

Nic and Sharon #Solacevibe

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