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Spring memories 

It will be early spring before you know it, when nature seems to wake up almost over night, when you went to bed the woods and fields were a patchwork of browns and dull greens, the next morning there are daffodils, bluebells and snow drops all over the place. A time where carp anglers know that the good times are coming.

After a couple of freezing, blank nights in late February a remember waking up early, pulling on my wellies and going for a walk, my gut said they were waking up and there would be a chance somewhere.

Up in the deep corner I could make out 2 or 3 big patches of bubbles and smiled to myself as they had given themselves away. I halved a handful of Marine boilies that I had in my pocket and flicked them in one by one, just to back them off a bit. The cast was a decent one, just over 31 wraps and however well you feather it in, at that range your going to make a splosh!

I completed my lap and whipped 2 of the 3 rods in, rebaited the Chods, put 3 Oz leads on the C clips and chucked them into the corner.

10 minutes later the 1st one was away, 20 minutes later the 2nd one went and an hour or 2 later they both went again! What a few hours after 2 blank nights! #Solacevibe #opening2020

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