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The dreaded C word

The dreaded C word


A message to our anglers.

As of today all transport and boarders are open.

In our region there is no panic, the supermarkets are well stocked and the locals are going about their business the best they can.

At the moment non essential areas such as cinimas, cafés and clubs are closed until further notice, but supermarkets, tabacs and pharmacies are all open as usual.

The lakes are just waking up in the spring sun and we really look forward to providing all you guys with a great fishing break in the coming weeks.

We do ask however that this virus is taken seriously and that you maintain an A+ hygiene level en route to us and you need to be sure you have appropriate sanatizer etc.

If you have any symptoms leading up to your trip then of course your trip will need to be rescheduled.

See you all soon.

Nic and Sharon

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