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The trailer 🤬 - Heli rig safety, the basics.

For a few months now, the odd angler fishing at Lac Solace has mentioned that we may have a trailer. It was concrete, but it was becoming more likely.

With Lac Solace being a fairly small lake you would have thought that if there was a trailer people would report false takes almost every day, but sometimes we were going weeks without anything being mentioned.

Anyway, fast forward to today when I am out fishing at Lac Solace, the bobbin cracked into the blank and I was in, or was I?

As I say in this video, there is little point making a load of suggestions about changing this rule and that rule. This is the 1st time anything like this has happened on either lake, but this time we were lucky.

If you want to fish a Heli set up, please have a look at the video for some safety pointers. #solacevibe

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