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Our Carp

Lac Solace is fast becoming one of the premier small water big carp fisheries in Europe. This incredibly rich pool can test the very best anglers, but the rewards are very special when that rod rattles off!

It is hard to keep this page up to date, as the fish weights are progressing so fast, so this rundown is how we stand in autumn 2023.

The Solace carp are growing at an average weight of 7 to 8lbs a year, this year we saw at least 8 50lbs + fish, with 3 of those being over 56lbs, with a new official record of 58lbs being caught in October this year. On top of the real bigguns there is now a really impressive head of 40's, with at least 15 different 40's being caught this year, backing those up very close behind are around 20 fish in the high 30's, with 12 different fish between 37-40lbs being caught in the last month of the season alone!

Apart from 3 or 4 of our most recent stockies, the remaining 10 or so known fish are 30lbs +. I say Known, because special little Solace homegrowns that were 1lbs + in December 2022 are already mid doubles, maybe they will also be 20's by the time the 2024 season kicks off in March!

Have a flick through our gallery below to get a flavour for the quality of our carp, and as you can see, these are far from your run of the mill grey pigs.

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