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Our Carp

The stock at Lac Solace is alreadyseriously impressive, there are already 6 known 50+ fish to 56lbs, 8 or more 40's, 15 or more 30's and several very special upper 20's, there are around 40 fish with an average weight of about 35lbs we are creating one of the very best

small waters in France.


Lac Solace is well on it's way to becoming France's premeir big carp small water. Our original stocking of fish have now been settled, well rested and fed for over a year and have shown exceptional growth, on average they have put on over 8lbs and show no sign of slowing down.

There is a special mix of handpicked strains in Lac Solace, all of them originating from very famous French gene pools. Their enviroment, genetics and feed programme will allow these special fish to continue to thrive and grow.


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